Massage Therapy for Runners

Runners believe that massage will benefit their recovery.

So, first off, thanks for believing in us!! Here is an article that asked participants of a 10Km race whether they believed massage would benefit their recovery post race. An overwhelming percentage of those asked believed it would. Those who believed most in the benefits of massage therapy had experience therapeutic massage in the past, but many of those who responded positively had never experienced massage before. It's almost Sun Run time so don't forget to book your follow up massage.

Here is a link to the full article:

Proactive Massage Therapy for novice runners.

This article studied the benefit of doing massage therapy proactively leading up to a running event. Essentially, the massage group didn't fare better than their non-massage counterparts except they were significantly more likely to meet their targeted running goals (though there isn't necessarily a correlation between the massage and goal achievement)

Full article can be read here:

Impact of massage therapist experience on post race muscle recovery

Experienced massage therapists had a significant impact on the efficacy of massage post race in reducing muscle soreness. Luckily, RMTs in BC have the highest level of education in North America, so you are in good hands following your race.

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Have a great run, and hopefully the rain goes away soon!

Thanks to the Massage Therapy Foundation for the article on massage therapy and running.

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Hurry up and wait; long labours are normal.

Well, sorry ladies, but you should probably expect to be in labour for a while! I sure was. Now I know i'm normal! 12-18+ hours is the average. Here is an interesting article about labour and c-sections.
At Aloe Massage Therapy, we are all trained to provide pregnancy (prenatal) massage. Jennifer Lie, has taken several post graduate courses in pre and post natal massage including:
1. Pregnancy Massage Part 1&2
2. The Complicated Pregnancy
3. Labour, Delivery, and Postpartum
4. Infant Massage

A great quick read for anyone who is pregnant, or planning to be pregnant.