New protocols for concussion treatments

I read this article from Outiside magazine the other day and felt the need to write about it quickly. This information needs to become viral. It's always unfortunate when important information like this takes so long to trickle down to primary healthcare professionals. I had no idea! I like to read (a lot), so I was mad that I hadn't read about this sooner. Oddly enough, I was chatting with a patient yesterday about our previous histories with concussions and she mentioned that when she was younger and recovering from a concussion, she felt so couped up that she started challenging herself with balance exercises and whatnot (i.e. ignoring the rest advise). Worked for her, and clearly active rehab works for most with concussions!

The article is quick, so please take a few moments to read it.

Thanks to Mike Reoch for posting the link to the article in our Massage Therapy facebook group.





Does your RMT tell you to take Epsom Salt baths?

I'll admit it, we were trained (in our 3 year massage therapy program-not some weekend course) that epsom salts baths were a legitimate treatment for muscle pain. I can't say that I have prescribed an epsom salt bath for many (many) years, but people do ask on occasion and I have advised them to make sure they use enough salt. So then I stumble across this article about epsom salts and yikes, I feel a bit dumb for not really putting too much thought into it. At least, there is probably no harm in taking an epsom salts bath, but I would have to agree with the position of the author, that there is probably no real benefit either. So there you have it, my NEW response, don't waste your money!


Massage therapy on the weekend

Do you need massage therapy in Vancouver on the weekend? We finally have RMTs back in the office full time on the weekends. Terence Lo will be working Saturdays starting in late April, and Ellery Espino will be working Sundays beginning in May.

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