What is Massage Therapy?

Often the question of what massage therapy is comes up, where does it come from, what is involved and who does it. Essentially, massage therapy has its roots in Swedish massage. Petrissage, effleurage, kneading, all are aspects of Swedish massage, and form the basis for the schooling that all massage therapists in British Columbia go through. Basically, the therapist puts his or her hands on a patient's skin and moves the tissue in a rhythmical fashion to sooth the nervous system and relax musculature. The pressure can range from a very light sweeping motion, to an aggressive depth, dependent on the goal of the treatment. From this base, massage therapists tend to branch out and explore other forms of therapy. Massage therapy is an interesting medical discipline because of the broad range of techniques available for an RMT to specialize in.

A brief list of common specializations: - Myofascial Release. - Trigger Point Therapy - Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation - Craniosacral Therapy - Muscle Energy Technique - Joint Mobilization.