Registered Massage Therapists, Jennifer Lie, RMT and Melanie Barnabé, RMT designed Posture 101 to address the computer posture of the office worker.  To address computer posture ergonomics and common challenging areas of posture, the course is broken into several segments that target breathing, neutral spine and abdominal bracing.  You will learn body awareness and muscle activation to maintain a favorable posture at the desk and for your everyday activities. Cost: $65.00 (including HST) for a 45 minute class.  Therapeutic exercise by a registered massage therapist is covered by extended medical plans that cover massage therapy. Do check to see if your plan requires a referral from an MD for massage therapy coverage.

Course schedule: Available during the week

To register: Book online through our website or email us at expressing your interest and we will return your email with availability and other details. If you are unable to book, please email us as the class may be full. We can add you to a cancellation list, or add an extra class.

Attire: Regular business attire is fine, but choose clothing for the day that will allow you to move freely though the shoulders and hips (i.e. no skirts or restrictive pants/shirts), or feel free to bring a change of clothing.

Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice is required for cancelling PostureFix classes.