Post-natal Massage

Post-natal massage therapy is a safe and effective way to stay healthy after delivery, just as it was to receive pre-natal massage therapy. For many new moms, those aches and pains from pregnancy quickly disappear after delivery, only to be replaced by new ones. Shoulder and neck pain are common from breast or bottle feeding. Also, many women experience lower back pain from those weak, stretched out abdominal (and core) muscles. Endless loads of laundry and reaching in and out of a crib many times a day puts more stress on the low back. The fatigue only adds to the discomfort and makes it more difficult for your body to cope with these new stressors and pains. A caesarean section delivery can add to the difficulty of returning to normal life post-partum. Abdominal and scar work can be done to lessen the potential long term issues surrounding caesarean deliveries. Post-partum massage therapy can keep you healthy so that you can focus on caring for your little one.